Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why girls should do push-ups and pull-ups

Push-ups and pull-ups aren't just for guys in the military! Both exercises work your arms and back and make your upper body stronger. Women are usually lacking in upper body strength and many women are afraid of upper body work because they're afraid of looking too bulky. It's really hard for women to build "bulk" like men so there's nothing to be afraid of! Since I've started actually working out my upper body, I feel a lot stronger. I can pick up heavy things, open a jar, and put my suitcase in the overhead compartment. Plus, my arms and back look very toned. You should start doing push-ups on your knees or against the wall and then eventually move to regular push-ups. Watch this good push-up video.Pull-ups are little harder to master. You should start on an assisted pull-up machine at your gym and then eventually move to kipping pull-ups. Kipping is somewhat easier than a strict pull-up because you use the momentum of your body. However, they're still hard to do if you're new at pull-ups so I would suggest using a large rubber band that you place your feet into, like in this video. I've learned to really like kipping pull-ups because they make me feel strong, you should try them too!

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