Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chicago Half Marathon!

Now that school/moving are over and I'm back to a schedule, I'll start posting more regularly! Plus, I signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon on Sept. 9 so I plan to keep you up to date with my meals and work outs. The half is about 18 weeks away which is great for building up my mileage. Right now I'm at more of a 3-mile threshold so I really need to up my mileage before the half.

I've trained in many different ways in the past using either slow, high-mileage or crossfit/cross-training and low mileage. I usually get hurt with high-mileage and I don't think I was prepared enough just doing crossfit and a little of crossfit endurance. I think I would have to follow Crossfit Endurance exactly (and with a motivated coach) for it to really work. Therefore, I've devised a plan to train by using crossfit and crossfit endurance during the week and long slow distance (LSD) on the weekends. So crossfit will keep me strong and tough and also has some running workouts. Plus, the gym in Chicago that I want to join does some crossfit endurance workouts on the track.

On the weekends, I will do my long runs to build up my stamina and make sure that my legs can handle the distance. I listed all of the upcoming saturdays below and how much I plan to run. I want to start shorter to ease into the longer distances. I also have a couple of "shorter" 8-mile runs in August so I don't burn out. Plus, that gives me flexibility if I happen to go out of town on a weekend. I'm going to put in this schedule in my google and work calendars so I don't get lazy!

May 12 - 3 miles
May 19 - out of town (probably won't run)
May 26 - 4 miles
June 2 - 4 miles
June 9 - 5 miles
June 16 - 5 miles
June 23 - 6 miles
June 30 - 6 miles
July 7 - 7 miles
July 14 - 8 miles
July 21 - 9 miles
July 28 - 10 miles
Aug 4 - 8 miles
Aug 11 - 11 miles
Aug 18 - 8 miles
Aug 25 - 12 miles
Sept 1 - taper - 6 miles
Sept 9 - RACE DAY!

What do you think about this plan? Have you tried different training methods rather than just LSD to train for long races? I'm curious to hear what you think!


  1. I've heard more competitive runners do a lot of speedwork and actually slightly go over the race distance when they are peaking.

  2. The speedwork will be included in crossfit and crossfit endurance. I may go over the race distance if I feel really good towards the end of my training...I'm just afraid to hurt myself before the race!


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