Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fitness Log: Week 1/16

I'm calling this past week "Week 1" of my training for the Chicago Half Marathon.So, here's what I did:

Monday - SkinnyFit WOD
Walking lunges
Single unders (jump rope)
400 m run between each round
Time: ~39 minutes

Tuesday - Recover
I had to recover today because my thighs/butt/abs were killing me from Monday!
20 minutes on stationary bike and mile on treadmill, plus stretching

Wednesday - Short Run
I'm still sore from Monday!
3 mile easy run (no time because I forgot my watch)

Thursday - CrossFit WOD
5 rounds:
400 m run
10 pull ups (assisted with red band)
20 wall balls (10#)
Total time: 21:23

Friday through Sunday I went out of town for Memorial day weekend and while I did bring my running clothes and shoes...it never happened. I'm SO BAD at exercising when I'm out of town, whether for work or vacation. My goal for next week is to workout out while I'm out of town over the weekend again!

How do you movivate yourself to workout while out of town?

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