Thursday, May 17, 2012

Half marathon training has started!

I officially started training for my half marathon this week by checking out a new crossfit gym in Chicago, River North Crossfit. Everyone was welcoming and I already made some new friends! I went twice this week and both workouts killed me because I've been pretty lazy since I moved to Chicago two weeks ago. I'd like to blame that on spending a lot of time trying to organize, fill, and decorate our new apartment. Sooo, I am extremely sore and even walking is really hard! I'm going to try a short run tomorrow just to loosen up.

The great thing about RNCF is that its super-close to my apartment (half a mile) so its really easy to run/walk there. The owner even lives in my building! I also like that it's new because the equipment is nice and the space is big. It's downtown location also means that there are a lot of young people so hopefully I can make some new friends that love working out as much as I do :)

River North CrossFit

Last summer I lived in DC and would go to a crossfit gym near work in the morning and shower there before heading to the office. I'm going to do the morning thing again this summer because its light out at 6 am and also cooler. Plus, RNCF has a discount if you do mornings only. They also offer endurance WODs on Tuesdays and Fridays. So I plan my workout week to look like this:

Monday AM - Crossfit
Tuesday AM - Crossfit (optional), Tuesday PM - Endurance WOD
Wednesday AM - Crossfit
Thursday AM/PM - Endurance-type WOD on my own or run 3-5 miles
Friday AM - Crossfit
Saturday or Sunday - Long run (other weekend day is rest)

I'm going to try to post a summary of my workouts every week to track my progress!

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