Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yerba Mate Tea

Since I've started working full time in an office, my new favorite obession is yerba mate tea. I love the taste and the caffeine boost is great in the morning or afternoon. yerba mate tastes and looks a lot like green tea, but it isn't. It's really popular in South American and is thought to have even better health benefits than green tea. Yerba mate comes from the leaves of the rainforest holly tree (Ilex paraguariensis) and is naturally caffeniated. Plus it has antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Yerba mate is actually more popular than even coffee in some South American countries! You can read more here.

So why isn't it more popular in North America? I think it's mainly because of the price and availability. But yerba mate is becoming more popular as people are exploring things outside of the traditional American diet. And my favorite website, Amazon, sells it for pretty cheap now! 75 bags for $12.45 is a pretty good price for any tea. I encourage you to try yerba mate and add it to your daily routine. I usually drink mine plain but adding honey or a milk product sounds good too.

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