Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fitness Log: Week 3/16

My goal this week is to do crossfit 3x (just like last week) and maybe the Wednesday crossfit endurance class if I can leave work in time. Plus, I am definitely doing a timed run on Saturday!

Monday - CrossFit WOD
5 Rounds
250m Row
10 Thrusters (35#)
15 Burpees
2 min Rest
Time: 26:07
I was super tired this morning even though I went to bed around 10 on Sunday. I felt like I had to do a lower weight than usual on the thrusters because I felt so lethargic. Hopefully tomorrow workout will go better!

Tuesday - 2.7-mile Trail Run
Trail runs are a good thing to throw into your workout mix because they train different muscles than just pavement running. I personally think that trail running is harder, especially if it includes hills! I'm lucky to have a great 9.5-mile trail around where I work, its a great break from the city!

Wednesday - CrossFit WOD
Pre-WOD: work up to 1-rep max deadlift. I PR'ed at 115 lbs! It didn't even feel super hard so I can try for even higher next time :)
WOD: AMRAP* 12 minutes:
4 sumo dead-lift high pull (SDLHP) (35#)
6 push press (35#)
8 lunges (35#)
Score: 8 round + 4 SDLHP
This workout felt much better than Monday's because I wasn't as tired. I know my legs and arms are going to be sore!
*AMRAP = as many reps as possible

Thursday - CrossFit WOD
WOD: 4 rounds:
800 m run
25 wall balls (started with 10# but switched to 6# because my legs were sore from Wed.)
Time: 22:29
Post-WOD: 100 sit-ups
I really like running workouts (since I'm actually good at running) so this felt great!

Friday - Rest Day
Took a break so I wouldn't be sore for Saturday's run

Saturday - 5-mile timed run
Time: 43:44 = 8:45/mile
My course is mapped below. I love running along the lake and wish I lived closer so I didn't have to do so much city running because it takes forever when you don't get the stoplights right. I haven't run 5 miles since late March or early April but this run felt surprisingly good! I stopped a few times to stretch and for stoplights but other wise I ran the whole time. I'm looking forward to next weekend's run!

Sunday - Rest Day
I was going to do a light workout today but Ryan and I took a long walk downtown for some shopping and my feet were tired once we got home. Plus, shopping is considered a workout, right?

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