Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conference eating and healthy travel

I'm traveling for work at a conference in Orlando and have been trying to be healthier than I usually am on travel. Usually at week-long conferences I get in a bad habit of staying up late, not working out, and eating crappy food. I'm usually really tired and feeling sick by the end of the week! So far this week I've done a good job of going to sleep early (by not staying out and drinking with the other students) and I've even been running a couple of times. However, eating healthy has been really difficult!!

First of all, the conference hotel is kind of isolated and there are no restaurants or grocery stores within walking distance (I don't have a rental car). I've had a hard time finding good food for lunch and dinner and I honestly can't wait to get home and eat a decent salad. I don't know how people eat unhealthy food all the time! It makes me feel so tired and blah!

So, in an effort to at least eat fruits this week and I went to the CVS next door and bought some packaged apples and bananas. I doubt that they are the highest quality fresh fruits, but something is better than nothing!

Tuesday night was the conference banquet and these things are always hit or miss with the "vegetarian option." Many times, the veggie option consists of grilled vegetables in a sauce....or was meat-eaters think vegetarians eat. Last night's meal was actually pretty good. It was some sort of Indian-tasting dish with a potato curry dumpling and some vegetables. Although, the salad served beforehand had bacon bits on it...ewww.

How do you stay healthy while traveling?

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