Monday, July 9, 2012

Fitness Log: Week 7/16

I know! I know! I failed to write about weeks 5 and 6 of my training mainly because I did pretty bad. I couldn't work out for a few days because I scratched the inside of my esopagus with an apple piece and breathing deeply hurt. (I know, it was one of the weirder injuries I've had.) Last week I attending a conference in downtown and I thought I would have time to work out more but nightly socials got in the way ;)
Soooo...I'm back into it and not accepting any excuses!

Friday (6/29): CrossFit WOD
"Grace" for time:
30 clean and jerk (45#)
Time: 4:30
The 45 lbs actually wasn't that heavy and I can do a bigger weight next time.

Saturday: CrossFit Endurance
Run ~2 miles to the track
WOD for time:
run 1 mile
300 single unders
50 burpees
run 800 m
200 single unders
35 burpees
run 400 m
100 single unders
25 burpees
time: I don't remember
Rune ~2 miles home
I did this workout instead of a long run to take the opportunity of a endurance group workout on a saturday. I ran about 5.5 miles total plus the single unders and burpees, so it was a good workout anyway.

Monday: Recovery Day
Ran 1 mile and then practiced sit-ups, push-ups, and double unders. Since I've pretty much mastered kipping pull-ups (I just need to get stronger to be able to do a lot of them without a band), my next goal is to be able to do double-unders.

Tuesday: CrossFit WOD
MAX clean and jerk: 70#
4 rounds:
5 clean and jerk (55#)
200 m run
Time: ~8 minutes
55 lbs was definitely better than the 45 I did on Friday.

Thursday: CrossFit WOD
1000 m row
Then, 10 rounds:
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
Then, 1000 m row
Time: ~26 minutes
I need to start writing times down after I do them because I keep forgetting!

Saturday: 6-mile run
I woke up super early for this run but it was already 95 and humid when I got outside, so I did not do the 8 miles I had planned and did not feel good at all during my run. I had to stop and take a break in the shade every mile or so because I felt lightheaded (even though I was drinking a lot of water and energy gels). It seemed like everyone on the lakeshore path was dragging along. Fleet Feet even had a water/gatorade station set up! Because of all my stops and occasional walking, I don't have an accurate total time but I think I ran about 8:45 pace. I'm going to be in Florida for the next 2 weekends so hopefully the weather isn't super hot down there either!

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