Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Juice Cleanse: Fail

I'm sad to report this, but I decided to quit the juice cleanse last night. I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold (really sore throat, stuffy nose). So, on top of the feeling like crap from the first day of the cleanse, I convinced myself that I needed some sauerkraut soup. I really wasn't planning on quitting, I even bought some more fruits and veggies at the store before I got home, but I decided that my immune system probably couldn't handle the sore throat and the cleanse.

After watching the USA gymnastics team dominate last night, I went to sleep and got up late, still with a sore throat :( I'm drinking lots of tea today and had more soup for lunch. Unfortunately, I can't use my sick days at work until 90 days after starting, otherwise I would have taken the day off.

So now I have a fridge FULL of fruits and veggies that I can't possibly eat in the next few days without juicing. I decided to still continue juicing so I made the green juice for breakfast and pineapple-mint juice for a snack. I put a lot of work into preparing for this cleanse so I'm still going to share my recipes with you! All of the juices that I made actually came out fantastic and I'm glad I bought the juicer because now I can make juice anytime. Fresh juice is waaay better than anything store bought.

Have you ever started a cleanse and failed?

Do you have any good juice recipes?


  1. So sad it is. Juice cleanse is not an easy task but do not worry in future you will do it. Always take an advice from health adviser before starting the juice cleanse. Good luck for your future.


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