Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Cheat Meals

I don't eat perfectly healthy and vegan all the time, I'd never be able to go out to eat! (This would be easier if I lived on the West Coast where there are tons of vegan restaurants.) I usually go out to eat at least once on the weekends and typically try to have something at least somewhat healthy. However, my friends wanted to get crepes for breakfast on Sunday and I just couldn't resist. We went to Crepes a Latte in northern Chicago and I had a Nutella-banana crepe that was pretty amazing! It's ironic that I ate a very sugary crepe after posting about how toxic sugar is, but I haven't had any sweets since a party in early July, so I justified this cheat meal.

I went out to eat again later on Sunday for brunch with different friends. I tried to have something a little healthier because of my splurge in the morning. We went to Old Oak Tap in west Chicago and I got eggs benedict with soy patties. It tasted great but I decided to save half of it for dinner to not overload on calories. (Saving half of your meal for later is always a great way not to eat the huge portions served at restaurants, plus you get more meals for your money.)


I think that splurging and having "cheat" meals once in while is ok, as long as you're not doing a Thanksgiving-sized feast. 

What's you're favorite "cheat" meal?

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