Monday, September 24, 2012

Fitness Log 9/17-9/23

Even though training for the Chicago Half Marathon, I still want to keep track of my workouts on a weekly basis. It helps me track my progress in crossfit and also holds me accountable to trying to workout daily.

Tuesday 9/18/12 - CrossFit
Pre-WOD: find 1-rep max jerk: 80 lbs. (new PR!)
WOD for time:
5 jerks (55 lbs.)
400 m run
100 air squats
400 m run
5 jerks (55 lbs.)
Time: 7:57
I thought I did surprisingly well today for taking off crossfit for a while for the half. I think I could jerk even more than 80 lbs. next time.

Wednesday 9/19/12 - CrossFit
Pre-WOD: 5-5-5-5-5 Front Squat (Max: 85#)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
Kettlebell swings (35#)
Pull-ups (red band)
Time: 7:41
I'm writing this on Friday and my hands/arms/back still hurt. I did a higher-than-normal kettlebell weight, I've finally moved up to the prescribed weight for women. I also did a thinner band than usual because I really want to get to unassisted pull-ups (I can only do like 3 at a time). After the workout, I could barely lift my arms or grip anything so washing my hair, driving to work, and typing were all difficult. I had to take Thursday off.

Friday 9/21/12- CrossFit
Pre-WOD: 3x3 Turkish Get-ups
WOD: “Diane”
21 – 15 – 9
Deadlift (85#)
Handstand Push-Ups (from box)
Time: 4:31
Post-WOD: 3x10 kettlebell presses and 50 GHD sit-ups
I kind of felt like a zombie this morning, probably because it's Friday. I honestly didn't give the workout my all and I was still sore from Wednesday.

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