Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Log: Week 15/16

ONE WEEK until the half marathon!

Monday & Sunday - Rest Days
Resting up and tapering down for the race

Tuesday - CrossFit
Find 1-rep max shoulder press: 55 lbs.
Find 3-rep max push press: 70 lbs. --new PR!
AMRAP 10 minutes:
5 triceps push-ups
10 kettlebell swings (35#)
100 m run
Total: 7 rounds
I was really happy about my new PR in the push press although it made my shoulders really sore. The WOD was a good sprint met-con too. I did a higher kettlebell weight than my usual 26# so it was hard.

Wednesday - Rest Day
Trying to rest up this week so I can do my 11-12 mile run on Friday without soreness.

Thursday - Rest Day
The crossfit workout today involved quite a few lunges and I didn't want to be sore for Friday's run. So I took a long walk during lunch at work instead.

Friday - 11 mile run
Time: 1:40, Pace: 9:05/ mile
This was my last long run before the half marathon! It felt pretty good although I felt slow towards the end because it was getting hot and of course my legs were tired. I really hope it cools down next weekend. But, I think I'm ready for the race and I'm really excited for next weekend! The course I took today is outlined below...the lakefront was beautiful this morning! It's kind of confusing on the map but I went through downtown to Buckingham fountain and then along the lakefront trail south to museum campus and then I turned around north to North St. Beach and then back south to the fountain and back through downtown, similar to last week. I usually run on weekend mornings when downtown is deserted but is was busy this morning!

I rested all Labor Day weekend and will do a couple more short runs before the race on Sunday.

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