Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birchbox - sample beauty products!

When I first started this blog, I meant to write posts on beauty along with health and fitness, hence the "goddess" part of the name. However, I don't really use a lot of beauty products and I'm often too lazy to do the DIY beauty things that I find on Pinterest. So in an effort to make myself more "beautiful" I signed up for Birchbox to try sample beauty products. Birchbox is a great service that sends you samples of beauty products once a month for $10. You can then buy products you like right off the website.

Here's my first box with the product descriptions! First of all, I think the $10 is defnitely a good value because nail polish alone can cost $5-$8. The color is a very pretty indigo and I loved it on my nails. The Twistband is a decorative hair tie and I would like it except that it's red (which is my least favorite color and I never wear it). I really like the Kate Spade perfume smells really good and I like having small perfume samples to travel with. I didn't care much for the two creams. Finally, I was suprised to see tea in the box! I guess you could call tea a beauty product. I've had this brand before so I know it's good.
Are you a Birchbox member?
What's your favorite perfume?

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