Monday, October 8, 2012

Fitness Log 10/1-10/5

I'm trying to keep up the good pace of working this week since last week was really good.

Monday, 10/1 - CrossFit
WOD: Crossfit Total
1 rep-max back squat (135 lbs.)
1 rep-max shoulder press (60 lbs.)
1 rep-max deadlift (145 lbs.)
Total score: 340 lbs.
This is a classic crossfit benchmark workout, and I set new PRs on all of these movements! I'm hopeing to improve even more soon.

Tuesday, 10/2 - CrossFit
Pre-WOD: 30 burpees
WOD: 6 rounds:
150 m row
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups (green band)
10 burpees
3-minute rest
Total time: 27:00
During this workout, you sprint each round because you have the 3-minute rest in between. The chest-to-bar pull-up are difficult because your chest has to touch the bar. Overall, a good conditioning workout.

Wednesday, 10/3 - CrossFit
Pre-WOD: Find 1-rep max thruster, 70 lbs.
WOD: 10 rounds:
5 thrusters (53 lbs.)
5 kettlebell swings  (1 pood/35 lbs.)
Time: 10:50
This workout seemed easier than it was so I used a higher weight on thrusters than I normally would. It was difficult! Thrusters (video below) are a truly whole-body movement and you can do them in your gym with a body bar. Movements that use your entire body (legs, core, arms) are much better for fitness than using exercise machines that isolate specific muscles. In the real world, you would use just a couple muscle to do something, like lift a box for example. Stay away from machines!

Friday, 10/5 - CrossFit
Pre-WOD: 3-rep max overhead squat ( I don't remember my weight but I think it was around 65 lbs.)
WOD: "Nancy"
5 rounds:
400 m run
15 overhead squats (35 lbs.)
Time: 14:55
I felt really good today and beat everyone in the class due to the running portion. (I never beat the guys so it was exciting!) Of course, I didn't used the prescribed weight.

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