Monday, October 1, 2012

When to work out?

In the past, the time of day that I work out has greatly varied. In college, I worked out in the afternoon/evening because going to sleep and waking up early was pretty hard. (This was even the case in grad school because none of my roommates/neighbors ever went to sleep early). However, during my internships and full-time jobs, I've tended to work out in the morning, before work, because it's easier to be in a better routine. I believe that you have the most energy for a workout in the morning, rather than later in the day because you've just had 8-hours of rest. I think that if you're not a "morning person," then that means that you're not getting good sleep. Read my post about things that can help you sleep.

The biggest benefit to working out in the morning is how amazing you feel the rest of the day. I usually don't drink coffee on days that I work out in the morning because I'm so energized from the work out. I'm also in a much better mood all day. That endorphin and adrenaline high really does exist. I also feel accomplished because the hardest part of my day is over. I think it's much easier to skip a work out when you come home from work after a long day.

Waking up early enough to work out before work is not easy. Believe me, I hate my life when my alarm goes off at 5:30 am, especially now that its completely dark outside. But once I'm out of bed and outside in the cold air and get to the gym and the music is blasting, I'm awake. Drinking Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer also helps because it has carbs and some caffeine from tea (pictured above). The downside to working out early is that sometimes I feel like I don't have enough energy because I haven't eaten in a while. That's where the pre-workout energize and coconut water help. Also, I get really tired and go to bed around 10 pm, which my boyfriend and friends make fun of me for haha.

You may be an afternoon workout person, which is fine, but I'm just suggesting that you try a morning workout! It might suck the first few days but you might learn to love it. The most important thing to do is to get in a habit of working out the same time everyday. Try not to switch between morning and evening too much unless you're doing 2 workouts in one day. Our bodies are very habitual and having a regular work out cycle is good, just like having a regular sleep cycle. Your body actually starts pumping up the adrenaline when its time to workout.

What time of day do you work out?

Do you eat/drink anything before your workout?


  1. Do you know how much caffeine the Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer has per scoop? I tried looking online but found nothing. Maybe it is on the container? I have to stay away from caffeine unless it is a small amount. I would be interested in trying this before my workouts. I am also going to try morning workouts starting tomorrow. Thanks!

    1. I'm not sure if the caffeine content is on the container but I will check when I get home. The caffeine comes from the leaf extract of the green tea, yerba mate, and kombucha. The caffeine content of green tea is about 10-20 mg per gram of dried leaf. So assuming the same for the yerba mate and kombucha, the caffiene content per serving is probably around 7-15 mg. This is less than a cup of green tea and much less than coffee, so you might be ok.

    2. Oh yes, very low amounts. I definitely would be able to do it. Thank you for looking into for me. I appreciate it!

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