Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays! Time to splurge!

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm in Florida now visiting my family for the week. My workplace is closed  until January 2nd so I'm excited to get some much-needed rest and time off...I haven't taken a vacation since I started working! 

My favorite thing about coming to Florida in the winter is the weather and opportunity to be outdoors without freezing. I grew up in Florida so I am definitely a warm-weather type of person, although I also like the change of seasons up north. It was a little cold here when I arrive but it's warming up tomorrow and I'm excited to go for a run with an old friend and then hopefully hit the beach.

It's definitely easy to splurge over the holidays, and I have to admit that my diet has been less than healthy since about Thanksgiving. I've been eating sugar and other unhealthy things, which I plan to stop next week. For now, I think it's OK to splurge. Giving in to delicious unhealthy foods (like cookies and pie) once in a while makes me realize why I don't like to eat them often. I honestly feel less healthy because I've been eating unhealthy foods. Things like sugar, white rice, and wheat have been making me feel bloated and sluggish. I'm actually really looking forward to eating healthy again just so I can feel better! But I'm going to leave that til next week, because cookies and pie are calling my name this week :)

These are traditional Slovak "moon cookies" that my Mom makes for Christmas.

What's your favorite holiday treat?


  1. At the same time as you tweeted the link to this post, we're making our forth batch of Kolacky! Hope you are having a great holiday vacation.

    1. Kolacky are so good! Enjoy your holiday as well!


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