Monday, January 7, 2013

Time to Thrive Forward!

Thrive Forward has officially launched! I wrote about this new program in an earlier post and I've spent the past few days going watching some videos and going through the lessons. I've read all of Brendan Brazier's and Peggy Kotsopoulos' books, so the information isn't that new to me, but rather a refresher. The program is all about teaching you how to be healthier by adopting a more plant-based and nutrient-dense diet.

I like that the first lesson in the program is about "adding" instead of "cutting out" foods. When I first started a plant-based diet three years ago, I was all about cutting out bad foods and then I felt like I was depriving myself. Instead, you should focus on adding good foods to your diet, thus not leaving room for the bad foods. A good example is to add a plant-based smoothie to your daily diet, as suggested by the program. Of course, they are advertising their own products by suggesting Vega One as the protein powder to use in your smoothie, but it's honestly the best. I've tried other protein powders and Vega One is the best in terms of protein source (no soy or whey) and added nutritional content (e.g. B12). It's a little expensive but usually discounted on Amazon. Plus, for the nutritional content, it's worth the price. And, way cheaper than buying a Starbucks latte everyday, for example.

I wanted to share with you the Thrive food pyramid presented in the Clean Eating 101 lessons. Your diet should always be based on fresh vegetables, and not grains or starches like the USDA food pyramid we learned in elementary school.

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