Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Chicago Marathon!!

I DID IT! I signed up for the Chicago Marathon! I had been planning to sign up for a while but I really got cold feet this morning. And then registration too forever because the site was down. 

Running a marathon is a big commitment with all of the training you have to do. The 15-25 miles runs take a long time and you have to prep the day before with good food and sleep. And since I do these long runs on the weekends, it kind of impairs my social life. I can't go out one night and expect to run a good 20 miles the next day.

The good thing is that a few of my friends are also running the race, so I'll have people to train with. And I also have Ryan's support of course. I'll outline my training plan after the Indy 500 Mini Marathon in May.

Ryan and I before the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

Have you signed up for any races this year?

What is your 2013 Chicago Marathon goal?

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