Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Electric Love Capri by Ellie - and 20% off!

Hey friends! I'm excited to tell you that I am an Ellie Ambassador! Ellie is a new website/company formed from pv.body. It features fashionable, high-quality athletic clothing at an affordable price. A new line of clothing comes out every month and Ellie sent me two samples from the February line to try out. The top was too big so I'm exchanging it but I tried out the Electric Love Capris today at CrossFit and they were amazing!

First of all, I got compliments from both girls AND boys on my new pants, probably because of the bright color! I really only own black and gray capris/leggings so these are a nice addition to my wardrobe. When I first opened the package, the capris looked really small and didn't look like they could fit. However, they are extremely light and stretchy and fit perfectly when I put them on. For your reference, I got these in a size S and I am 5'8, 130 lbs, and wear a pant size 4-6.

The WOD at RNCF today involved a lot of different movements, like back squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups and the capris moved well with my body. I often find that tights can be stiff but these are the opposite and really feel like they are a part of your skin. I also like how long they are because I was able to wear my boots in the snow on the way to the gym and my skin wasn't exposed. I was really sweaty by the end of  the workout but the capris still felt light and didn't feel as if they were stuck to my legs. I am very satisfied after working out in these and I can't wait to get more Ellie bottoms!

As a perk of being one my readers, you get 20% your first order just by clicking on the banner below and signing up for Ellie! You can buy the clothing at regular price or join the Fit Fashionista Club for $49.95 per month. Each month you can pick any two pieces from that month's line. $49.95 for two high-quality fitness clothing items is really a good deal. The best part is, if you don't want anything from any month's line, you can just opt out that month and not be charged the fee (must do this by the 7th of the month). As a member of the club, you also get free shipping and returns/exchanges on all of your orders. High-quality and fashionable fitness clothing is really hard to find at a good price, so I'm really excited about Ellie and I hope you sign up!

This post was not sponsored by Ellie, however they did provide me with the clothing item as part of the Ellie Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.


  1. saw your post on the ellie facebook page. i love the blue capris on you! wondering now if i should have gotten them also...i got the heartbreaker capri and love struck leggings...
    what brand is your white top? I LOVE IT!!

    1. I mainly chose these capris because of the blue color! All of my workout pants are black or gray. I just went to your blog and saw your Ellie post...I like the pink tank! Unfortunately the tank I chose was too big on me so I have to get a smaller size.

      My white top is from Nike and the pattern is really cool. Most of my running clothes are Nike but I'm definitely buying more Ellie for the gym/crossfit :)

    2. yeah-the sizing is a little small-im getting some medium and some large with stuff... argh.
      thats cool-i love the top! it looks especially great with the blue leggings!! how fun!! :-)


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