Friday, February 8, 2013

Karyn's Raw for Dinner and Detox

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You may remember that I went to Karyn's Fresh Corner in Chicago a couple of months ago and had an amazing raw dinner. It spiked my curiosity for raw food because we didn't eat a single salad and the food was sooo good. I then went to a free seminar where I got to meet Karyn Calabrese and I was really inspired by her story and the state of her health. She is a 65-year-old woman with more energy and better health than a 25-year-old (me). I've decided to participate in Karyn's detox program in March. It involves eating raw foods and taking other steps to detox the body. I'll be blogging all about my experience! I'm already more prepared for a detox than most people because I already eat mostly vegan and healthy foods. But I still want to prepare myself this month by trying new raw recipes and juicing more often. I'll post my recipes if they come out good!

My friend and I got coupons at the free seminar so we went to Karyn's Fresh Corner cafe for dinner last week. I had the Swedish Crepe and it was amazing of course! I need to learn how to make these very creamy sauces (topping the picture below).

Then, it was my birthday on Wednesday so Ryan took me to Karyn's Cooked, which is closer to our apartment. We had some vegan pizza as an appetizer. Ryan had vegan lasagna, which he devoured! I had the rueben sandwich which was good but it tasted a little too much like meat for my liking. 

We were really full from dinner but took home some vegan cookie's and cream cake...delicious!

Have you done a detox? What kind?

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