Friday, February 15, 2013

Nike Training Club (NTC) Lincoln Park

I had the opportunity yesterday to check out the brand new Nike Training Club (NTC) in Lincoln Park (Chicago)! You may have heard of or used the NTC app, which has lots of great workouts and acts like a personal trainer. Well, NTC Lincoln Park is the app come to life! It's the first studio of it's kind. There's a store downstairs with the latest Nike apparel and products (pictured below) and then a spacious studio upstairs that holds free classes like yoga and workouts from the NTC app. One of my friends from college, Kate, actually teaches the NTC class on Sundays (trust me, she will kick your butt). Also, this place just caters to female athletes, which is awesome! (Unless you're a guy.)

My friend Cameron and I went to the grand opening event last night, "Find Your Perfect Fit and Commit." This event was all about running which is of course why Cam and I wanted to attend. We committed to running the Indy 500 Mini Marathon in May and also marathons in the fall (Cam Milwaukee and me Chicago). Cam plans to break 4 hours! 

After committing to our runs we got to try on the new Nike FlyKnit Lunar1+ running shoes. Then, the trainers gave us a pep talk and told us all about NTC and the Nike+ Run Club (pictured below). The NTC Lincoln Park class schedule actually includes runs led by trainers. Then we headed out into the cold for a 3-mile run led by Nike master trainer Marie Purvis. It was such an honor to run (and keep up) with her since she helped create the NTC workouts and trains with Nike pro athletes! During the run, Nike also got some model-looking guys to cheer us on, now that was a good Valentine's Day treat!

After the run, we had a little after party back in the studio and the trainers announced the Nike+ NWM Virtual 10K on March 10, which Cam and I both signed up for. Sadly, we had to leave quickly to make our dodgeball game but it was such a fun event!

I can't even explain how excited I am about NTC Lincoln Park and the free classes and run club! I'm going to participate in the run club to help train for my races this year. It will be great to have the support of an amazing female athlete community to help me in this journey. Plus, my (already dominated by Nike) workout wardrobe is going to expand!

Be sure to check out NTC Lincoln Park at 833 W. Armitage Ave. and on Facebook and Twitter. You can sign up for the free classes here and comment below if you live in Chicago and want to join me in the Nike+ Run Club!

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