Monday, March 25, 2013

Karyn's Raw Detox: Days 15-19

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Days 15-19

I completed the 3-day juice fast!! I waited to write about it until I completed it because, at times, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to. Remember I did a juice fast last year that I failed at after less than a day (read my post) because I started feeling sick, and I was starving. Well, I did starve all weekend but I got through it and now I feel amazing!

The main goal of week 3 of the detox was to fast for at least 3 consecutive days. During the fast, I could have any vegetable juice, wheatgrass juice, Rejuvelac, kamut juice, and coconut water. However, there could be no fruits involved, just some carrot in the the vegetable juice. When you juice fruits, only the sugar (and not the fiber) is extracted. So, while fruit juice may be nutritious, it is too much of a sugar spike for your body, especially when you are fasting. The main benefit of fasting is giving your intestinal tract a break. This allows your body to use resources (otherwise used by digestion) to repair itself. Digestion is the most taxing daily process on your body and even it needs a break. 

It's hard for me to describe how the juice fast felt other than I just felt really hungry all the time and could not stop thinking about food. Sometimes I felt light-headed and other times I felt like I had lots of energy. I started the fast on Friday, and it was difficult to focus on work because I was just thinking about food. I basically did nothing all weekend with the exception of a walk downtown and going to the movies Saturday night. I don't know if doing nothing was better than staying busy while fasting. One one hand, I didn't have the energy to do much, but on the other hand, I wanted to keep myself occupied so I wouldn't think about eating. Also, since we were watching basketball live all weekend, I had to watch a lot of commercials that did not help my food cravings. By the way, how awesome was Florida Gulf Coast? I love cheering for my hometown team and sister's university. But this Friday my sisters go head to head! One goes to Florida and the other to FGCU! Anyway, back on topic, I was also really proud of myself for resisting popcorn at the movie theater even though Ryan and my other friends got some. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE popcorn. I can't wait to eat some after the cleanse :)

The best way to describe the juice fast is that it is like a long run or both love and hate it while you're doing it. It's painful and you feel like quitting at times, but you feel great and really accomplished once you're done. That's exactly how I feel today. I've eased back into eating by having Energy Soup and sprouts salad for lunch, and I'm full and I feel very "clean." It was also important to continue enemas during the cleanse, otherwise the toxins in your colon could make you sick. And after doing enemas for a week and half, I do feel very light and clean, and I am continued to do them this week. 

Just like enemas, fasting has been around for a long time and is a part of almost every religion. From what I understand  fasting is thought to make people more spiritual or closer to the god they believe in. I can attest to this practice because I must say that my mind seemed very clear during the fast, as if I understood everything. I still feel the effects of it today. I'm having an easier time focusing and my thinking is faster. However, I also hated the fast and could not stop thinking about eating unhealthy comfort foods. Making juice instead of something solid for dinner was kind of depressing. The fast was certainly not easy.

Apparently fasting is something that you get better at with practice. Right now, I don't want to think about doing another fast but I probably will again in the future because of the amazing end result. Karyn said that during the fast is when miracles happen. People stop taking medications, aches and pains disappear  and cancers subside. There really are some amazing stories from people that have done Karyn's Raw Detox. I'm not expecting any miracles for myself because I'm already quite healthy. I'm expecting just to feel better and improve my athletic performance. I didn't get to do my long run this weekend because of the fast so I'm curious to see how 10 miles goes next weekend!

Have you ever done a fast?

Disclaimer: Karyn's Raw provided the detox class to me for free and is giving me a discount on the supplements for writing about my experience. The text and opinions are completely my own. You can learn more about the detox class here or buy Karyn's book here.


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