Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Karyn's Raw Detox: Days 3-6

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Days 3-6
I am definitely starting to feel different from this detox. I feel very fatigued but I have more energy at the same time. I know this sounds strange! One of the major symptoms of detox is fatigue because your body is going through changes and getting rid of toxins. However, my body also feels good because I am eating very healthy and ridding of bad things. Without the fatigue and bloating, I would feel amazing! So, I am looking forward to when the detox symptoms subside and the positive effects fully kick in.

I think I may also be experiencing more fatigue because I'm probably exercising more than I should be on a detox. I am not ramping down training schedule for my upcoming marathon and I sometime do two workouts a day. I did feel like I had no energy during the Nike+ 10K that I did on Sunday, so maybe I could have run faster if I wasn't on this detox. But I'm hoping that my energy for running will significantly improve after the detox.

I described some of the supplements that I am taking in week 1 in my previous post. Above is a picture of the Kamut drink, which is just wheatgrass powder mixed with water. It draws out poisons, building up the blood by repairing the white blood cells, and also stimulates energy. I've been taking all of the supplements according to the plan but I sometimes forget to take the enzymes before eating. I'm usually really hungry and don't think about anything else but the food!

I have been eating strict vegan for the first week, adding raw food into my diet. I made some raw hummus (with sprouted chickpeas) and turned it into a kind of "tuna" salad with dulse (seaweed) flakes and celery, it actually came out pretty good. I ate it wrapped in dinosaur kale leaves for a 100% raw meal. I also made a "cheese" dip out of cashews that came out okay, I used it as dip for sweet potato fries. I usually eat grocery store sushi on Sunday nights so I made my own vegan sushi instead (pictured below). I just cooked some brown rice and wrapped it, along with avocado, cucumber, and carrot strips, into nori seaweed sheets. I served it with wasabi, tamari sauce, and pickled ginger. It came out great! Finally, Karyn gave us a loaf of Manna Bread to eat and I devoured it this week. The bread has sprouted wheat instead of flour so it is much healthier and easier on your digestive system. (Gluten is apparently not activated as much in wheat when sprouted rather than cooked.)

One thing that I wanted to share with you all was something new that I learned from Karyn in her first class. She mentioned how "humans are not that fragile." What this means is that all of the preventable diseases that we have in this country wouldn't exist if we were in our natural environments and eating what we're supposed to eat. Our DNA, and thus our digestive tracts, are 96% the same as that of chimpanzees. Chimps eat mainly  plants and fruits and only 3% of their natural diet comes from animals. They also don't drink milk in adulthood and definitely not of another mammal. There are few things, like our brains and hairlessness, that make us different from chimps. Our digestive tracts and cell structures are essentially the same. I'm not saying that we should eat exactly like monkeys, but that we should look to our ancestors to figure out a more natural diet for our bodies. See my previous post on Is paleo actually vegetarian?

Back to the "humans are not that fragile" thing...we're not supposed to have colds all the time and cancer isn't supposed to kill us. Colds are the body's way of expelling excess toxins. Cancerous cells occurs in our bodies all the time, but our immune system is supposed to be healthy enough to kill them. We are putting way too many toxins in our bodies via food, drinks, and air pollutants. That's why this detox is important and why we have to eat healthier diets.

I'm looking forward to Karyn's second class tonight!

What kinds of things do you want to hear from me about my detox journey?

Disclaimer: Karyn's Raw provided the detox class to me for free and is giving me a discount on the supplements for writing about my experience. The text and opinions are completely my own. You can learn more about the detox class here or buy Karyn's book here.


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