Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mason Jar Reorganization 2.0

Back in August I bought some mason jars to reorganize my kitchen cupboard (read my post). I buy a lot of dry goods from the bulk section at the grocery store and used to store them in sacks before I purchased a dozen quart mason jars on Amazon. Putting my dry goods in the mason jars definitely made the cupboard much more organized and allowed me to see when I was running low on something.

Well, with Karyn's Raw Detox this month, I've had to buy a bunch of extra supplements and haven't had much room for them in my cupboard. I have a very small kitchen in my 750 sq. ft. apartment with not a lot of storage space. So I browsed Pinterest for ideas and decided to put up some shelves in my kitchen to store the mason jars.

I really like the clean look of the stainless steel shelves and how they match the tops of the mason jars and the other kitchen appliances. The shelves are a perfect fit for the panel in the kitchen (pictured below)! Here's what I used for the project:

  • Two 12-packs of 1-quart Ball mason jars - $22 per dozen on Amazon (I only used 15 jars on the shelves and the rest are used for taking liquids to work and storing other things)
  • Three 23-5/8" Limhamn stainless steel shelves from IKEA, $14.99 each (needed 3 screws for each shelf - not provided in the package)
The total cost for this project was approximately $90, not bad for some extra kitchen storage! Plus, you're left with extra mason jars for miscellaneous uses. I seriously do use them daily for storing liquids like juices and soups, and especially for bringing food to work. Their traditional use is for canning, but the glass material and secure top make them really versatile. 

How do you keep your kitchen organized?

What's your favorite use for a mason jar?


  1. Great organization. I store most of my dried gains, beans, and nuts in the same manner. My local health food store also will tare their scale to the jars I bring in so there is no wasteful bags or more product than I need.

    1. I buy my dry goods at Whole Foods and I'm not sure they let you bring your own jars, but that would be really convenient!

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