Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Staying active on vacation

I sometimes see people posting on Facebook and Twitter about their workouts on vacation. Well, vacation to me means also taking a vacation from working out, in the traditional sense. However I do like to be active on vacation. "Being active" means an easy bike ride, a walk/run to explore the city, wading in the ocean, hiking through the woods, etc. I look at vacation as the way I would live my life if I didn't have to sit and work in my office all day. If I was active all day, like on vacation or the weekends, I wouldn't have to work out rigorously in the gym to counteract the effects of being sedentary all day. Therefore, don't feel bad if you don't hit the gym on your vacation. In fact, I would suggest avoiding it. Spend your energy on exploring the area outdoors instead. It's better for your body and soul!

Pics of our vacation last week to Florida! (aka #dunkcity)

How did you stay active on your last vacation?


  1. I try to still do a couple runs in the morning before we start the day, it gives me so much energy and I'm already awake so why not! I try to find some contacts where I'm going and ask about nice places to run and take in the scenery.

    Plus its a fun way to explore! Otherwise, we always do a lot of walking around.

    1. I agree, a run in a new place is always fun and great way to start the day. Just don't wear a watch so it feels relaxing :)

  2. Love your bathing suit. This is making me look forward to my upcoming vacation!

    I'd love for you to stop by and check out my latest blog post.

    1. Thanks, I got it at Victoria's Secret! And I already follow your blog :)


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