Friday, May 3, 2013

Try out the new Nike Frees!

I joined the ladies at NTC Lincoln Park this past weekend and got to try out the new Nike Frees on a 6-mile run. They definitely felt light and I felt great running in them. I like that they have less heel cushion than other shoes, which makes you strike on your forefoot instead of heel when you run (this is the natural running form). Plus, they come in fun colors!

The great thing about NTC Lincoln Park is that you can try out the shoes for free on a run outside! Just visit the store/studio at 833 W. Armitage Ave. in Chicago. They'll only have them out for another 2-3 weeks so hurry! By the way, there is no uncomfortable pressure from the employees to purchase the shoes after you try them out.

I try to go to the Nike+ Run Club every Saturday when I'm in town. I've also tried the NTC (Nike Training Club App) classes and Kate on Sundays at 11 am will kick your butt! All the classes are free so you have no excuse not to workout. Check out NTC Lincoln Park on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for classes here.

Have you tried any new running shoes this Spring?


  1. I've heard Nike running shoes lately don't get hold up as well as they used to, like less miles and wear down sooner. Do you find that the case with any recent Nike's you have?

    As a taller guy that isn't a stick, I tend to stuck to more cushioned shoes. I love that they let you run with them outside, rather than just the treadmill.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. I haven't had any wear down issues with my Nike FlyKnits, but I've only had them for a few months.


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