Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Atlanta Kick CrossFit

I was on the road again this week (and leaving again tomorrow!) so I got to check out another CrossFit box. I did a quick 2.5-day trip to Atlanta for some meetings at a conference and to hang out with my old roommate from Purdue, Grace. After a year of living together and watching me do CrossFit, I finally convinced her to start after she graduated from Purdue. She's 8 months into the program and has really changed her body through both fitness and better eating. Grace loves the community of CrossFit and is now addicted like me!

Grace took me to her box, AK CrossFit, on Monday morning. The workout was pretty hard with 3 7-minute AMRAPs including front squats, push-ups, shoulder to overhead (push-press/jerk), air squats, squat-cleans, and double-unders. I'm definitely sore today!

AK (Atlanta Kick) CrossFit is in the Buckhead area on the north side of Atlanta. They have a full facility and great community, as experienced by Grace. She said she feels comfortable there as a beginner and that the trainers  push her to work hard. The coaches are knowledgeable and excited about expanding the gym physically and in membership. Drop-in rate for existing CrossFit members is free for your first class and then $20 after that. Free is awesome! (All boxes should do that.) Check them out if you're in the area!

Grace and I at AK CrossFit

What's you're biggest fear about starting a CrossFit program?

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