Tuesday, June 11, 2013

California beach, Crossfit Monterey, and oyster shucking

Hey friends! I apologize for my blogging absence in the past week or so, I was in California for work and then spent a long weekend in San Francisco with my best friend. I was having too much fun to think about blogging! So, here are some highlights from my travels (which you may have already seen on instagram):

When I landed in San Francisco last Sunday, I drove down to Monterey via the coastal highway (US 1). The slightly longer trip was definitely worth it. I'm used to the Florida coast and love the cliffs and unkempt beaches of California. The 3-hour drive was beautiful.

My friend Grace happened to be in Monterey the same time I was so we checked out CrossFit Monterey! The box was very welcoming and it seems like they have a great 6:00 am crew. Check them out if you're in the area! Drop in rate is $15 for 1 class or 3 classes for $36.

Sunset over Monterey Bay!

Bonfire on the beach with some new and old friends from the class in Monterey.

I ended my trip in San Francisco visiting my best friend Antonella. We spent Saturday oyster shucking with a big group of people for another friend's birthday. We drove north of San Fran to Tamales Bay and went to a picnic area on the bay where the oyster farm is and then bought a big bag of the fresh oysters. I've never shucked (opened) oysters myself before so it was a little tricky at first but then I got the hang of it. These were the best oysters I've ever had, obviously because they were straight out of the bay. There was a grill but I ate them most of them raw with some lemon and hot sauce...so good! We spent all day there in sun with friends and wine, it was perfect!

Have you ever been oyster shucking?

Do you check out other gyms/boxes while you travel?


  1. Those are some beautiful views! I have yet to go oyster shucking (which is shameful considering where I grew up).

    I usually only look for a good running path in new areas, or hope the hotel has a nice gym it has some deal with!

    1. Running to explore new places is a great idea. I don't necessarily like paying for a gym when I'm on travel since I have a membership at home.


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