Friday, June 14, 2013

Lauren Conrad's book signing!

When Lauren Conrad announced her book tour for Infamous I was really excited that she chose to come to Chicago! Well actually, Naperville, which is closer to where I work anyway. I've been a fan of Lauren ever since her entertainment debut on MTV's Laguna Beach circa 2004. I followed her through her journey into the fashion industry on The Hills and I would say that I'm even a bigger fan now that she has a fantastic website/blog and an affordable fashion line at Kohl's. Lauren has been my fashion icon for a long time because of her feminine and classic style. I love wearing dresses and own nearly every single one from her Kohl's collection. Lauren's website also has great advice on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, careers, and everything in between. I'm often inspired by her website for content on this blog. This cauliflower pizza crust recipe is from her website.

Most importantly, I'm a huge fan of Lauren because of her success as an entrepreneur. Of course her reality TV fame boosted her career but I think she is a great role model for young women like me that want to make something of themselves. I look up to her even though we're the same age and I can only hope to be as successful as her one day.

I don't meet famous people very often so I was starstruck when I finally got through the line to meet Lauren! The picture is blurry but they weren't letting us pose for photos. Lauren really is so beautiful in person! She was also really nice and asked me how I was doing. And I got a chance to tell her about my blog and her assistant even took my business card! So cool!

Here's my new Infamous book and Lauren's signature inside :)

Have you ever met one of your favorite role models?


  1. That's awesome you got to meet a role model and get a little networking going!
    I know reality shows can give people a bad rap if it helps the show, so I try not to be too judgmental.
    Meeting role models..I did get to meet Joseph Stiglitz at once of his breakfast and book review things.
    I met Fabio Wednesday, but that was pure chance and not intended (nor a role model lol)

    1. That's awesome! I try to give reality TV stars a break because I know the producers just want drama.

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