Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation to Calgary and around Alberta

I apologize again for my lack of posts recently but I really have been travelling a lot!! Unlike my other two trips this month to California and Atlanta, this one was purely vacation and not work-related. I didn't bring my computer and I barely touched my iPad. I visited one of my best friends from college, Kim, who now lives in Calgary with her husband and adorable new baby. I was really delayed (and rerouted to Edmonton) when I arrived last week because there were huge storms in the area that consequently caused major flooding in southern Alberta. 65,000 people in Calgary were evacuated! Luckily, Kim lives on a hill so we weren't affected but our plans to go to Bamff and Lake Louise (like in The Bachelor!) were not possible because of road closures. The damage to the area is pretty severe and I hope the community can recover soon.

We had to do a little driving but I still got to see Dinosaur Provincial Park in the badlands of Alberta and Waterton Lakes National Park near the Montana border. In terms of health and fitness, it was easy to stay active on this vacation because we did a lot of hiking. Although, I didn't do any actual running (don't worry, I'm back on marathon training this week). We didn't eat out very much and made food at Kim's house or packed sandwiches for the road, which is always healthier than restaurant food. Kim was a great host catering to my complicated diet. We all even ate an almost vegan meal one night! Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip!

Kim and I at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. This is one of the largest dinosaur fossil sites in the world and you can even find them just walking around!
The view from the campsite at Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta.

The view of upper Waterton Lake as we were hiking up the mountain. This lake extends all the way to Montana!

What's your favorite place in Canada?

Do you prefer beach or mountain vacations?


  1. I've only been to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, but they are beautiful!
    I love vacations in the mountains (say Grand Tetons and Yellowstone), You feel like you are in a different country and time! So relaxing.

    Glad you had a grand time!

    1. I haven't been to Eastern Canada yet, I'll have to put that on my list!


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