Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cheap Nuts and Seeds!

I use a lot of raw nuts and seeds for recipes and sprouting and was looking for a good online source because the bulk section at Whole Foods isn't my favorite. I researched some sites and finally decided to purchase from I know, the name "cracks" me up too :)

When researching websites, I was looking for price, variety, certified organic and raw, and fair shipping prices. First, I obviously searched Amazon, where I usually buy specialty grocery items. However, it was hard to gauge the quality of the nuts and seeds from the short descriptions on Amazon and the prices varied significantly. I then turned to some raw food blogs and discovered Blue Mountain Organics and Blue Mountains Organics has a lot of great raw food items that are already made but the actual bulk nuts and seeds (including shipping) are cheaper on

Just to make sure I was getting the best price, I added the nuts I wanted (by pound) into my shopping cart at and calculated the shipping. I then wrote down the prices per item by pound (including shipping) and too the note to Whole Foods. Every price came out cheaper on the website than in the store (some significantly cheaper). Plus, the nuts and seeds are clearly labeled raw on the website, whereas that is often unclear at the bulk bins at whole foods.

So I bought about $100 worth of nuts and seeds and other things (cacao nibs, coconut sugar) on and it came in the fun shipment below!

The shipping was quick and I was also impressed by the packaging of the individual bags. All of the nuts and seeds came in resealable packaging, which is a plus. I refilled my mason jar display and then put the rest in the cupboards. I'm glad that I have plenty of nuts and seeds to last me for a while and that I don't have to made the dreaded trip to the Whole Foods bulk section any time soon!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by and I purchased everything myself.

Where do you usually buy your nuts and seeds and other "gourmet" grocery items?

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