Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marathon Training Log: Week 6

I'm running the Chicago Marathon on October 13 to support Bright Pink. I tracking my progress so you can follow along. This week was pivotal in my training because I ran a half marathon and it went pretty well. I've been training mainly with crossfit endurance and not doing much running. So the successful half made me more confident in my training for the full. I'm excited for this journey and please support my training efforts by helping me reach my fundraising goal!

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Monday PM - CrossFit Endurance WOD
3 rounds:
200 m run
400 m run
600 m run
with 1x rest in between each run

Tuesday AM - CrossFit WOD
Max shoulder press: 55#
3 rounds:
400 m run
21 kettlebell swings (37#)
12 pull-ups
Time: 12:47 Rx!!

Wednesday AM - CrossFit WOD
Max Back Squat: 145# - New PR!
Deadlift (85#)
Hand stand push ups (modified from box)
Time: 4:48

Thursday AM - CrossFit WOD
"Jerry" Hero WOD
1 mile run
2000 m row
1 mile run
Total time: 27:45
Splits were about 8:00, 10:30, 8:45 (not including transition times)

Friday AM - CrossFit Endurance WOD
4-minute Tabata:
20 seconds run
10 seconds rest
1 minute rest

4-minute Tabata:
20 seconds squats or push-ups
10 seconds rest
1 minute rest

4-minute Tabata:
20 seconds run
10 seconds rest
(plus 2-mile run to/from track!)

Saturday - Rest day before the race!

Sunday - Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Chicago (race recap)
5K: 28:47 (9:17/mile average)
10k: 57:57 (9:24/mile average)
10-mile: 1:32:52 (9:11/mile average)
Total Time: 2:00:59 (9:07/mile)
I held up a pretty good pace the whole time for a race I didn't even train for. I'm much more confident in my marathon training now!

What was your best workout this week?


  1. That's pretty awesome!! I felt slightly tired just reading all the cross fit write up! hah.

    I'm interested to see how this marathon route works up, so far so good! Good job on the half!

    I liked my easy medium run on wednesday. Not sure I would say "best", like, damn I nailed that speed. But I enjoy it. nice distance, comfortable pace, and I get to run with a friend! it keeps running fun and therapeutic!

  2. Sometimes easy runs with friends are the best. Maybe I should ask for your "favorite" workout instead :)


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