Monday, July 29, 2013

Marathon Training Log: Week week!

I'm running the Chicago Marathon on October 13 to support Bright Pink. I'm tracking my progress so you can follow along. Since I ran the  Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon last Sunday and the BTN Big 10K this past Saturday, last week was rest week. This is kind of a new concept for me but I'm trying to work really hard some weeks and then rest for a whole week periodically in order to fully recover. This is kind of the idea behind tapering before a race, as well. I actually worked out less than I planning because I was at a conference for part of the week and didn't have time to get to crossfit. Since the conference was downtown, I did walk quite a bit at least.

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Monday to Wednesday - rest days!
I wanted to do a couple of light runs but I was at a conference and really didn't have time without giving up sleep. And sleep is an important part of rest week.

Thursday AM - CrossFit WOD
5 rounds:
800 m run
30 kettle bell swings (26#)
30 pull ups (green band)
Total time: 36:30
I scaled this workout quite a bit because I have a race on Saturday and don't want to be sore at all. I'm also going back to doing pull ups with a band but trying to do them strict (no kipping) in order to actually build my upper body.

Friday - Rest day before the race!

Saturday - BTN Big 10K
Time: 51:45 (8:20/mile pace)
Despite the crowds this was a great race and I ran well. Read my race recap!

Sunday - Another rest day post-race

What was your favorite workout last week?


  1. Great job with the week! You have more mental patience than I do! I get antsy on my day off from running each week.
    Nice race time too!
    Favorite work out of the last week. I liked my pace run Friday. I was actually able to go at pace, rather than speed up for 90 of it just for ego purposes!

  2. Thanks! I did feel very lazy last week so I had to keep reminding myself that I was not working out on purpose. It was also a good week to take off because I was at a conference and really busy.


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