Thursday, August 15, 2013

Urban CrossFit in Seattle

I'm in Seattle this week for work and I've managed to stay pretty healthy by running and attempting to eat well. I got a little tired of running so I decided to check out Urban CrossFit just down the street from my hotel. Turns out one my colleagues at the offices I was at here also goes there so I joined him for the 4:30 pm class. Everyone was welcoming upon my arrival and Kelsey at the front desk gave me a quick tour of the facility. (Some boxes don't do this for drop-ins and I'm like, where do I put my stuff and where's the bathroom??)

The box is spacious and nicely laid out. It seems like they have all the essential equipment and even a tire! We warmed up on our own and then were split into two groups that did two different workouts.

I really haven't practiced rope climbs very much but I was surprised that I could do them. I did all five all the way to the top (20-25 feet I think). First of all, I've never reached the top of a rope and definitely never done 5 in a row so I'm happy with my effort! I won't hesitate to do them in workouts anymore back at RNCF. Now if only I could have this epiphany with double's embarrassing that I've been doing crossfit for over two years and still can't do more than 10 DUs.

I really put all of my effort into the rope climbs so the 5 round metcon after was tough, and I finished in 19:22, same as the other girl in our group. I have some rope burn on my shin and hands but hopefully I won't be sore for 14 miles on Saturday!

Urban CrossFit charges $20 for drop-ins or you can buy a shirt for $20. I got a nice fitted v-neck that says "strong people are more useful" on the back with the CU logo on the front. Overall, a good deal and very welcoming for visitors! Check them out if you're in Seattle!

Can you climb a rope?

What's your favorite Seattle spot?

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