Monday, September 16, 2013

Marathon Training Log: Week 14

I'm running the Chicago Marathon on October 13 to support Bright Pink. I'm tracking my progress so you can follow along. I had another light week in workouts and didn't have time for a long run. I have too many excuses to list here so I'm just going to say it was a bad week for workout out and move on. My body was feeling tired and overworked anyway so I think it was good to take a break before running "the 20-miler" this upcoming weekend.

On the other hand...I had a great week fundraising! Thursday night was the fundraiser at Lottie's (and the reason I didn't do a workout Friday morning). We raised $360 and then more people donated on the page that couldn't make it to the event. So now I've surpassed my fundraising goal with $1051 total! I really didn't expect this to happen a whole month before the marathon and I am so grateful for everyone that has supported me on this journey, financially or otherwise! Of course, Bright Pink is a great organization and you should keep donating even though I've reached my fundraising goal. Every dollar will go to empowering women about their breast and ovarian health and help me successfully finish this marathon.

Donate here!

Monday - unscheduled rest day
I was supposed to meet up with friends for a fun run but due to not being able to leave work early because of a seminar and traffic, I couldn't make it in time.

Tuesday AM - CrossFit WOD
3-rep max back squat: 125 lbs. - new PR!
WOD: "Power Elizabeth"
Power cleans (55#)
Ring dips (blue band)
Time: 7:10

Wednesday AM - CrossFit WOD
Max handstand pushups: 6 (with 3 abmats)
WOD: "Wittman"
7 rounds:
15 KB swings (26#)
15 power cleans (45#)
15 box jumps (20")
Time: 24:00ish

Thursday AM - Spinning at R3
Resting for my long run on Friday!

I didn't workout the rest of the weekend because I went to Purdue for the football game! I didn't even pack my running clothes/shoes because I knew I wouldn't do anything between breakfast club and tailgating...

What was your favorite/best workout last week?

Do you have bad workout weeks?


  1. One of these days I'm going to look up what all these work outs are so I can more fully appreciate this!

    Great job with the fundraising!
    Bad work outs.. are just the ones we don't do I think.

    Favorite work out... Easy miles on Sunday. Finally had a weekend pain free to start, and it was just a big mental relief!!

  2. I have bad days and weeks, too. These things happen!

  3. Now it's turned into a bad TWO weeks...hopefully the 20 miler goes well tomorrow.


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