Monday, September 30, 2013

Marathon Training Log: Week 16

I'm running the Chicago Marathon on October 13 to support Bright Pink. I'm tracking my progress so you can follow along. The marathon is just two weeks away so I'm tapering right now. I felt like I was sick last week so week 16 was light in workouts. I felt like I had a chest cold and it wasn't going away so I finally went to the doctor on Friday. It turns out that I have mild asthma that may be triggered by allergies and changing of the seasons. So my chest was hurting because of that, not congestion. And my runny nose and sore throat was due to allergies. I got and inhaler and have been taking it periodically and it's definitely helped and I'm feeling much better now! I'm also going to get a pulmonary exam so they can figure out exactly what's going on. Asthma runs in my family, so it's not a surprise to me that I might have it.

I've reached my fundraising goal for Team Bright Pink but there's still definitely time to donate and support education women about their breast and ovarian health!

Donate here!

Wednesday PM - CrossFit Endurance WOD
WOD: (equal rest in between)
400 m run
800 m run
1200 m run
800 m run
400 m run

Thursday AM - Spinning at R3
Resting for my long run on Friday!

Saturday - 16 mile run
As you know, I didn't finish the 20-miler last week because of hitting a wall and ankle pain, so I ran a little more than scheduled (14 miles) this weekend because I wanted to make up for it. My ankle was hurting on and off but I think it will be fine for the race. My legs were feeling tired, however, so I ran pretty slow, 9:23/mile pace. It concerns me that my legs were tired because I didn't workout much all week. I just have to be sure to taper for the next two weeks so I'm ready for race day!

Sunday - Bikram Yoga
I really should have been doing yoga after long runs throughout all of training. The thing is, I'm quite inflexible and I really don't like doing yoga. I love the feeling after but I'm hating it during class, especially because Bikram is 90-minutes and HOT. After yoga and brunch with Ryan's parents, I headed to NTC Lincoln Park to do a photo shoot with the Marathon Crew (pictured below)! It was fun and hopefully we get to see some of the pics soon.

A lot of people have asked me about my homemade energy gels that I use for running, I finally posted the recipe last week! Also, be sure to enter the Vega One Starter Kit giveaway!!

What was your favorite/best workout last week?


  1. I honestly dread going but I do feel absolutely amazing after. I feels good to both sweat everything out and stretch my muscles and joints. Let me know if you try it again!

  2. Taper is the hardest part. I get anxious thinking I should do more. I'm going to stick the training and do stretching and yoga more. I have yet to do hot yoga, but I want to try sometime after my races.

  3. LOVE bikram! wish I had more time for it during training!
    I have no favorite work outs last week lol Just pretending it didn't happen.
    Almost taper time over here!
    Heal up!!

  4. I know, I'm having a hard time tapering too. I think I did too much at crossfit this week because my legs are sore. I have to be much more careful next week!

  5. Turns out I'm not going anymore, we're sending someone else from ANL :(

  6. I wish I had done Bikram at least once a week during training. I meant to when I started in June but I just became lazy on rest days haha.

  7. Water aerobics? Maybe because you have to actually hold your breath? I haven't had a problem at all during slower distance runs, I feel it more during crossfit and track workouts.


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