Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Working out the body and mind

I had a pretty eventful weekend but my two favorite things were working out the body with NTC Chicago and working out the mind with Both Sides.

The finale of NTC Week in Chicago was a speakeasy turned workout! Kate of The Four Percent and Emily of On Your Mark led us in a great NTC workout which was only enhanced by learning some moves from flappers. I'm not very coordinated but I still had fun!

There's Amanda from The Ghost Guest! She won my plus one giveaway for the NTC event! I'm excited to see what NTC Chicago has to offer us in February.

On Sunday, Ryan and I headed to Both Sides Art in the Pilsen area (southwest of the loop) for some art therapy. I met the owner, Meg Frazier, a couple years ago when she did a painting class for us at my friend's baby shower. She opened this studio as a multipurpose space for painting class, yoga, art shows, etc.

Painting seriously takes my mind off of everything. The name, Both Sides, means using both sides of the brain. Using my creative side in a different way than writing is so refreshing. I would compare doing art is as good for your mind as yoga is for your body. They are both relaxing, restorative, strengthening, and we usually don't find the time to do them. I know I need more art and yoga in my life!

Here's some close-ups of our paintings. Mine is of some mountains and Ryan's is of the Purdue bell tower with a sunset background. Both Sides has 3-hour BYOB painting classes every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon, among other classes and events. There is also a Groupon available for the painting class right now!

Poll! Which painting do you like better?

How do you exercise and relax your mind?


  1. Nice paintings! I've done a couple of those social paint classes, and I agree, they are very relaxing!

  2. Yes, and it's great to have some homemade artwork at home!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I love the mountain paining! How gorgeous! You're an artist at heart!



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