Thursday, February 6, 2014

February #fuelstreak

Hello from San Diego! Ryan and I are visiting one of our college friends down here to celebrate my birthday and escape #Chiberia. We were delayed getting out yesterday because of the snow storm but finally made it and managed to get a sunset bike ride in and explore some of the local bars.

I started my birthday morning by going on an easy run down the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. The 55 degree weather felt amazing and running in a tank top was refreshing. Um, why did I decide to move to Chicago again? Growing up in Florida, I'm definitely a beach/warm-weather person.

One of my New Years goals this year was to run through the winter, but well, you know. It's been rough out there. So instead, I've decided to do a 30-day #fuelstreak starting today! So this means that I have to meet my fuel goal of 3000 on my Nike fuel band each day for 30 days. This doesn't necessarily mean that I need to workout everyday, because I can meet the goal just by walking around a lot. I work from home so it's really easy to not be active during the day.

February tends to be the most inactive month for people because it's after the New Years rush but before people start working on their "summer bodies." The weather also sucks in February. So join me on this #fuelstreak by trying to be more active for the rest of the month. You'll feel awesome once spring rolls around! 

Use your fuel band, fitbit, other fitness tracker, or just yourself to make sure that you move everyday. Even a mile run or walk counts! Let's make February active!

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