Sunday, March 9, 2014

10-Week Intermediate PR Indy 500 Mini Half Marathon Training Program

Last week officially kicked off my 10-week training plan for the Indy 500 Mini Marathon on May 3. This plan is an intermediate program with the hopes of getting a PR and finally beating my 1:55 half marathon time. I made this plan with the help of The Crew and Kate of The Four Percent. Intermediate means that I should have a running and training "base" before starting. I think that, even given the horrible winter, I have at least somewhat of a base. I've definitely been cross training and I have run (outside) at least once a week.

The training plan is basically the same every week: two shorter runs, two cross-training workouts, a track workout or tempo run, a long run, and a rest day. I don't have to do the workouts on the specified days so I'll just mark them as I get through the week. I'll be doing Tuesday and Saturday runs with the The Crew at Fleet Feet and Road Runner, respectively. Cross training will involve NTC workouts, Crossfit, and anything else I can find.

So week one was a bust because I got sick and didn't even do the Pulaski 10k. I think my body just gave up on this insanely cold winter that we've had. I did get to check out Shred415 and it was awesome and then week 2 went pretty well!

Indy Mini Training Week 2

3.12 miles at 10:30 pace


Spinning at Real Ryder Revolution

6.14 miles at 9:23 pace

Track workout with NTC
15 x 300m repeats at 48-55 seconds

7.79 miles at 9:30 pace with The Crew
It was cold, windy, and snowy. Pretty awful on the lake but I got through it with my fellow crewsers :)

Crossfit Games Open WOD 14.2 at RNCF (modified obviously)
on the 3-minute:
2 rounds:
10 overhead squats (I did front squats at 45#)
10 pull-ups (green band)
then 12, then 14, etc...
I got to the 3rd round, 2nd round of squats…getting back into crossfit is hard!

What was your favorite/best workout this week?

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