Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection Preview

Last night I joined the Windy City Blogger Collective At DAVIDsTEA to try out the new spring collection, which comes out in stores and online today!

Look at that selection of teas! I love tea soo much.

Taco Joint catered the event with some tacos and the delicious guacamole above. It had mango in it and salsa on top, very good!

Yes, I'm drinking an ICED tea because this was the SPRING collection preview. (It snowed in Chicago again today.)

I tried the blue lagoon and cool cucumber. The blue lagoon is a fruity white tea and very refreshing, tastes best iced. The cool cucumber is a pretty strong black tea with real cucumber. I think it's good hot and cold and a great afternoon drink.

Do you drink tea, or coffee, or both?

What's your favorite type of tea, and iced or hot?


  1. I'm so sad I missed this event :( As a tea lover I was especially bummed! But with so much slush on the ground I am finding it hard to get around on crutches. I will make it to WCBC event as soon as I can! I followed along via social media --looked like fun!

  2. It was fun and the teas are tasty! I hope that you get off crutches soon and that the snow goes away soon...


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