Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 3 - Indy 500 Mini Marathon Training

Here's week 3 training for the Indy 500 Mini Marathon on May 3. This plan is an intermediate program with the hopes of getting a PR and finally beating my 1:55 half marathon time. I made this plan with the help of The Crew and Kate of The Four Percent.

My training was a bit off this week because I was in Florida for half of it (visiting the rents and warming up). So I did my cross training while I was still in Chicago and lots of running in Naples. Every time I felt too hot and was dripping humid sweat, I just thought of how cold it's been all winter.

Oh, and The Crew and NTC Chicago are awesome and gave me a free entry to the Shamrock Shuffle on March 30th! The race is an 8k and it feels like everyone in Chicago does it, even the non-runners. Registration is still open if you're interested. Should be a fun time!

Indy Mini Training Week 3

Crossfit WOD at Cheetah Crossfit
2 times through the following – 80%:

2 min AMRAP:
Meters on Rower
+ Rest 2 min

2 min AMRAP:
5 burpee box jump, (20/24”)
10 Double Unders
+ Rest 2 min

2 min AMRAP:
15 Air Squats
+ Rest 2 min

2 min AMRAP:
5 Pull Ups
30 Walking Lunges
+ Rest 2 min

Spinning at Real Ryder Revolution

4-mile run at 9:05 pace

Thursday - Rest Day

9-mile long run at 8:52 pace
It was a brisk morning and the run felt great!

Recovery day with my Dad!
5-mile bike to beach
2.5 (ish) mile run on beach
5-mile bike back home

20 minutes of 1 minute sprint, 1 minute rest
Plus: Scientific 7-minute workout

What was your favorite/best workout last week?

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