Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day and start of #summertimechi

Happy Memorial Day! I just got done doing the 21 Guns WOD saluting our fallen troops and the hard workout was nothing compared to sacrifices those men and women have made. Remember them as you celebrate the unofficial start of summer this weekend!

As you all know, I'm moving to France this August to start the full-time MBA program at INSEAD, and while I am SO excited, I know I'm going to miss Chicago. So, in light of surviving this horrible winter and celebrating my last couple of months in Chicago for a while, I'm going to do all there is to do in Chicago before I leave, and I need your help! What do you think of when you imagine summer in Chicago? What are all of the typical outdoor Chicago summer things? I don't care how cheesy/touristy, I want to do it all! Here's my list so far:

  • Running on the Lakefront Trail
  • Paddle boarding on the lake
  • Beach day and Castaways
  • Outdoor music festival
  • Outdoor food festival
  • Cubs game
  • Pub crawl
  • Brunch at Zella's
  • Jazzin at the Shedd
  • Classical Music Festival at Millennium Park
  • Picture with The Bean
  • Fireworks at Navy Pier
  • Air and Water Show
  • Six Flags Great America
  • Arlington Race Track
  • Jump in Lake Michigan
  • Beach volleyball
  • Lottie's Kickball League
  • Big Ten 10k
  • What else??
I'll be posting all of this on Instagram with hashtag #summertimechi, so follow me!


  1. I agree, summer is long-awaited and we need to maximize every moment of sunshine!
    To add to your list...
    - Walk a bit down from Castaways and check out Oak Street Beach Bistro, there's a little less Jersey Shore and it's easy to lounge for the afternoon watching the beach-goers
    - Yoga under the wooden sculpture in the Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk
    - Dine at an outdoor patio/drink at a rooftop deck - J. Parker is a go-to because it has a beautiful view of the park and the lake, but beware of over-priced drinks!
    - Ravinia is my favorite outdoor music venue, you get to picnic on the lawn
    - Tennis - there are many tennis courts but they fill up quickly, so you have to place your racket on the fence to reserve a court
    - Chicago Food Planet offers great tours that combine tastes of Chicago with walking neighborhood history tours - I really enjoyed the Bucktown tour
    Lauren at

  2. All great suggestions! I agree that the Oak Street Beach Bistro is more relaxed (and has better food) but it's so hard to get a table. I have been wanting to go to J. Parker and Ravinia for a while!


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