Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivation post-PR

As you know, I had a successful half marathon a couple of weeks ago when I finally beat my high school PR from over 10 years ago. I was such a good feeling to accomplish that after training through the horrible winter/spring in Chicago and even after building up all of that endurance for the Chicago Marathon last year. I've been working hard training for a while and now I'm in a weird spot because I'm not signed up for any races right now! I'll probably do the Big 10k again but there's really nothing upcoming that I need to train for. Where am I going to get the motivation to workout?

I'm heading to MBA school in France and Singapore this fall so I'm not signed up for any fall races. I don't want to worry about training while in school and traveling. Until I leave, my workouts will just be about staying healthy and in shape. I tend to run less when I'm not training for a race but the weather is finally getting nicer in Chicago so I feel like that will motivate me to get outside. I also need to use up all of my group exercise classes before I leave.

So coming from this high of training hard and attaining marathon, 15k, 10-mile, and half-marathon PRs in the past few months, how do I motivate myself to keep working out hard this summer? I know I'll be active because I'm doing a beach volleyball league and two kickball leagues. I'll also take walks outside in the afternoon because the weather is nice. But, I need motivation to attend get through those hard group exercise classes and actually go out for a few long runs.

How do you get motivated to push yourself when you're not training for a race or other competition?

Do you ever take time off completely from working out?


  1. You should make a goal for the number of miles you want to run this summer before you leave! And then track every run you do! I do it on googledocs with a couple friends :-)

  2. Good idea! I also want to raise my fuel goal on my fuel band.

  3. Katie @ Live Half FullMay 19, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    This is always so hard for me because I thrive on goals. I love that you're in so many actives this summer- that's such a fun way to stay active! I like to make my social life working out- yoga or walks with friends, bike rides with my husband, etc. that helps a bit!

  4. I also like to make fitness social because I work from home and often don't get much human interaction. But I get lazy when it comes to being social, too...


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