Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites - Smoothie Ingredients

These are the things I put in my morning smoothie, not necessarily all at once. Just add a frozen banana and water or almond milk.

Athletic Greens is my ultimate nutritional insurance. It contains the optimum combination of nutrients derived directly from vegetables and other super foods. A mild taste, easy to blend (even with water), and they even have travel packs.

Vega One is the original healthy plant-based shake that has everything you need to make your day nutritious. The flavors are excellent and you can get creative, like making the pumpkin smoothie above. Protein-rich and a filling breakfast.

I love green tea, more than coffee, and this Organic Matcha powder makes the perfect addition to my smoothie as a caffeine and antioxidant boost. Also, congrats to Agnes of Aggie Runs for winning this giveaway!

Finally, spirulina is the ultimate superfood. It is literally the most nutritious, whole food that we know of and contains a much higher concentration of nutrients than any vegetable. I always add a scoop or two of the powder into my smoothie, which also gives it this wonderful green color. 

What's in your morning smoothie?

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