Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Instacart grocery delivery service

You wouldn't expect to hear this from a health blogger, but I've gone to the grocery store once in the past month. I've been so busy prepping for my move and trying to catch up with all my friends before I leave, so Instacart has been a lifesaver! This app and website is super easy to use. You just type in your address, pick a participating store (Jewel, Whole Foods, and more for Chicago), pick your groceries, select a delivery window (as fast as two hours from ordering), and someone goes to grocery store for you and delivers the groceries to your door. There is a small delivery fee but I think it's worth it because I really dislike going to the grocery store. The best part is that you get free deliver and $10 off your first order with my link!

My orders with Instacart have all come out pretty good. The person calls you when they're in the store if they don't have something you want, you can then choose substitutes and the final price is adjusted accordingly. One time, I got some bread and opened it a day after the delivery only to realize that it was molded. I noted this in my delivery rating to Instacart and they refunded the amount for the bread. So, they work with you if something goes wrong. Good customer service is always a plus.

Another function that is growing on the Instacart site is the recipe center where you can actually browse recipes and add the ingredients directly to your cart. Here's the recipe that I posted for Sweet Potato Hash.

Give Instacart a try and let me know what you think!

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  1. Instacart is like Users can choose from a variety of local stores and can mix items from multiple stores into one order.I have started to give a try with this app and feeling good.

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