Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Mika Yoga Wear

I'm having an action-packed summer with lots of outdoor activities including volleyball, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and just going to the beach. I wanted something sporty but cute to wear in the water this summer besides my usual string bikini. I came across Mika Yoga Wear and thought their separates would be great for both outdoor summer sports and indoor yoga.

First up is the Maya Bra (shown above and below), which is so versatile that I've been wearing it everywhere I can. It fits perfectly and is comfortable. It is supportive like a sports bra but sexy like a bikini. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this one at beach volleyball and in the water.

The Mika shorts are also all amazing! The fit is wonderful with a wide waistband and secure fit. There is also just enough coverage to be used for sports but also just laying out at the beach. I've worn the shorts under regular clothes before heading to volleyball and they are as comfortable as underwear. And I can't say enough about the wide waistband! I have the Meeko, Betty, and Mikaela shorts.

I had my sister wear one of my Mika outfits (above) when she was visiting this weekend. We went paddle boarding with CTF and Chicago SUP on the lake and she also loved the sporty but cute bathing suit. Olivia is wearing the Tula top and Lucia shorts from the Pink Ribbon Collection.

My Mika Yoga Wear has definitely been great this summer for my outdoor activities but I also wanted to try it for it's intended use, hot yoga. I generally wear athletic shorts and a sports bra to Bikram and I could definitely tell a difference with the Mika pieces. They fit better as I was sweating through my clothes an I definitely felt like I could move around. Because the Tula top ties in the back, it was easy to take off after class (usually I'm wrestling with the sports bra).

To sum up, Mika Yoga Wear is awesome for both hot yoga and summer activities. I'm definitely taking it with my on my travels because I plan to be doing lots of fun activities, and especially outdoor water sports when I'm in Singapore next year.

What are your favorite summer outdoor activities?

What do you wear for water sports?

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*Mika Yoga Wear provided me with some complimentary outfits in exchange for this review post. All opinions, pictures, and text are my own.


  1. I have a question I see that you said you have all there shorts. WHich is more cheekier and revealing the Meeko shorts or with the mikaela shorts when there all tied up. I dont mind the sassier look. The website says the mikaela are the cheekiest which is true? I thought they would be good to wear as undies and also for pilate poses and outdoor sunning. Would love your advic. They have them on sale right now by the way on there main site till jan 8 for 29.00:) Thought I'd share:)

  2. Yes, I would say the mikaela short are the cheekiest. Go ahead and get them, especially if they're on sale!

  3. I love during the summer to run outdoors, swim, bike, and go hiking. What else do you do for summer?ANy other work out shorts or legings you could recomend that fit well and flattering?


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