Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chateau Life

Last week I posted about my first month at INSEAD and wanted to follow up with a little about my awesome home at the Chateau de Tavers. I could have lived in an apartment close to campus but opted to try something a little different instead. When else would I have the chance to live in a chateau in the countryside in France?

Tavers takes up it's own block of land on the banks of the Seine River, which I can see from my room. We have charming common areas, my favorite being the library with a fireplace and piano. One of my roommates serenades us in the evenings.

We have weekly dinners where our "house mom" Paula cooks for us and our guests. There's lots of wine and cheese, as you can imagine. And a little different from running along the lake in Chicago, but there is a pretty good path along the Seine! If only I had time to run more.

Finally, let's not forget the parties! The whole campus gets bussed over to our epic parties. These pics are from the first one during welcome week. The whole group is below, I love these guys!

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