Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

On our last day of break, INSEADers put the Mt. Everest simulation to work and trekked in the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech in Morocco.

We "saw" camels (actually, only George did).

We climbed ladders...practice for climbing up the business ladder.

We proved it's all about the bass on the top of a mountain.

And then we took just one more selfie.
Thanks Patrick (and Omar)!


  1. This looks like a fun day trip. I've never really tried hiking and I'd like to do it more. I've done a few small hikes but never up big mountains or longer hikes.


  2. I sometimes like hiking more than running because you can do it for much longer without getting too tried. And being the forest, away from the city, is quite relaxing.


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