Monday, November 10, 2014

Marrakech Morocco

The first period of classes at INSEAD is over and after a grueling finals week we had to take some time off and do as INSEADers do, travel. There were many groups of students going to different places but the Morocco trip stood out the most to me. I had never been to North Africa and thought it was a great chance to check off a continent and see something completely different. 

We had a fantastic group of people and stayed in a traditional riad, which is an open-air house with a rooftop. Props to Patrick for bringing his gopro and selfie stick and taking some awesome pictures.

We spend an entire day exploring Marrakech and walking around the markets. A bad judgement on my part, I checked my carry-on luggage and they lost it so I had to actually buy some things to use during the trip. Not a big deal though because now I have some cool souvenirs that I can use again!

Everything in the markets was wonderfully colorful and handmade. We also went to a traditional Hammam spa and where they pampered us and allowed us to relax. On the last day, we took a trek to the Atlas mountains, which I'll talk about in my next post!

There's me with a monkey!

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