Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apple Orchard and Cider Tour in Normandy

On our trip to Normandy we also wanted to experience a little of the French apple harvest during fall. We visited the Domaine Dupont orchard and were given an informative tour by the owner himself. Dupont produces Calvados apple liquor and cider. The property is beautiful and the recipes and processes are based on generations of knowledge. Everything made here still has that classic, non-industrial touch.

Apples, apples everywhere.

Cider-maker post MBA??

Tasting Calvados and cider. It's like spiked apple juice but better.

I was also excited to find apple-cider vinegar. How much more fresh from the farm can you get?


  1. You are like the female Anthony Bourdain! This place is so much different than our American apple orchards....

  2. I actually haven't been to an orchard in the U.S., but I will plan to when I get back!


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